Thursday, July 23, 2020

Another Bunch of Breaks

More box break fun from @batcavelv includes some unique Cardinals stuff. 

If you haven't checked out Tracy's Box Breaks before, and you're on a budget like I am, I highly suggest that you do so at your next opportunity. Tracy runs some of the cheapest breaks in town, and you literally never know what you're going to find inside. A new box just arrived on my porch from him today, but I'm going to look back at what I received back in May.

Right off the bat, it's an autograph of Edmundo Sosa, in Panini's "Carolina Blue" flavor. Sosa made the so-called Opening Day roster this year, which is a bit of a step up for him as he's seen very sparing time at the big league level so far. With the expanded roster this year, this might not change a whole lot, but it's nice to see someone get a little recognition.

At some point I believe Tracy had a handful of packs that were up for dibs, and I claimed this one. It's never going to be worth anything, but I think it's an interesting addition to my Ozzie collection.

I really liked these one-per-blaster chunky cards this year, so it was cool to get a copy of the Gibby. I still need to track down a copy of Ozzie Smith's iconic Padres rookie card replication from this set.

What is Topps Gallery without the awkward artwork? This Hall of Fame insert set features a very closely cropped Lou Brock.

This is a great photo of late career Willie McGee. I feel like he's featured in a ton of great shots over the years, even if he's not always the most photogenic guy.

Yadi says 'SUP. (I don't know if this is a thing Yadi actually ever says.)

Here's another purple Molina. This is yet more proof that the MLBPA-only license always looks best on cards of catchers.

While it won't be Trevor Rosenthal closing out games this year, it's nice to look back on a card that surely signaled a big Cardinals victory. Yadi will be catching pitches from Kwang-hyun Kim in the 9th in 2020.

Speaking of which... wow, real baseball tonight? It all feels so surreal.


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