Friday, July 17, 2020

Free Stuff Friday on Pause

...paging Brett Alan... 

I'm putting the project on pause this week as things have gotten way too disorganized around here. I'm also not opening very many packs these days, for overall lack of availability.

An occasional commenter here named Brett Alan has claimed a few things over the past few weeks, but I have no idea how to get in touch with you, Brett. Please send me an email if you read this. Your stuff is easy to ship.

I need to focus on getting some stuff shipped out, although once again I can't ship the larger stuff because the supplies I ordered on June 11th still haven't been shipped.

I also have some questions for the general public. I have three hand collated complete sets that are just taking up space: 1988 Topps (baseball), 1990 Score (baseball), and 1990 Pro Set (football). Of course, the cost to ship these usually outweighs the value of the sets themselves, which is always the dilemma. What should I do with this stuff?

For the Score set, I could grab the Bo Jackson and Frank Thomas cards and I'm sure I wouldn't have trouble finding a home for those. But then I'd still be left with some 800 odd cards I have no use for. I know a few people used to work on putting together this set, but is that really a thing anymore?

The Topps set... ugh. I never liked it. I think I only put it together because I was 12 or 13 and completing a set felt like a making accomplishment in my life. There is nothing of value in that set, so I could use it as a door stop, I guess?

As for the Pro Set, I know there are a million weird variations in that set, but I don't know that I have any of the more sought after ones nor do I know of a good place where Pro Set nerds congregate to find out if there's any interest in any specific cards that I should go digging for.

There will be more free stuff in the future. (If you really want these sets and feel like splitting the shipping costs with me or something, let me know!)


  1. 1988 topps is a tough set in which to find any redeeming value. the backyard fire pit might be the best use of those cards.

  2. This blog is a pretty good resource for Pro Set:

  3. I'm aware of Junk Wax Gems (it's a fun read) but it's more of a blog rather than the kind of thing I was looking for. Like if there was a Blowout Forums style place for Pro Set collectors? I don't know, I guess I can look around.

  4. The '88 Topps bashing here is making me sad. It may be overproduced but it is outstanding and also introduced me to the idea of set blogs. (Don't send me any).

    I have a binder for 1990 Score. I don't know why because there's no desire to complete it.

  5. I LOVE 1990 Pro Set football. That fall was my first year as an elementary teacher/coach and it was the set that all the kids in my school brought to the gym and wanted to trade with me. I built it through packs and trades. Fun memories.

  6. If it were me, I'd throw them up on Craigslist... for $20... and use the money on a blaster or some cards for the collection.

  7. By the way... I'm with The Commish. 1990 Pro Set rules. Great looking design. And I like how they used it for hockey and golf too.

  8. Try and do the 88 Tops set TTM? Minimal design looks nice signed (I'm with Night Owl in the loves it but doesn't need any camp) and if it gets lost in the mail who cares.

  9. I got so tired of seeing '88 Topps as a kid that as a young adult I completely blocked out its existence. Then about 5-6 years ago I started to appreciate it again. (1989 Topps on the other hand...yuck!)

    And I second the comments about 1990 Pro Set football. Of the 30 or so cards I kept from my crawl space find, that was the set with the most salvageable singles. Partly because they bring back great memories, but also because they're not valuable enough to fuss over condition lol.

  10. I'm not sure if it's the same for football, but has a really great checklist for 1990-91 Pro Set hockey that has all the different variations noted with a good description for each!


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