Friday, October 17, 2008

Budget Shiny

To be honest, I planned on running this over at A Pack A Day tonight and was planning on talking about the Tampa Bay Rays here yet again as their ALCS title appeared well in hand and they are a team full of awesome. Blame J.D. Drew (I always do), blame superstitions, blame gamblers and game fixers... whatever... I got pretty annoyed really quickly and reverted to plan B. Drew was frustrating and unlikeable as a Cardinal and hasn't done much to improve his stature with me, not that ex-Cardinals have much of a chance to do that with teams like Boston anyway.

I purchased two packs of 2007 Topps Chrome from the $1.59 bin awhile back (should have bought them all up because when I went back, they were all gone) and this purchase brings the grand total of Chrome packages purchased by myself up to three. I'm not normally a fan of paying multiple dollars for only a few cards, but the discounted price here wasn't bad.

Pack 1:

312 - Ryan Braun RC (He has been a frequent subject of somewhat misleading eBay auctions.)

8 - J.D. Drew (Mr. Ten Million Dollar Ransom. Yes, that's how much Scott Boras demanded as a guarantee for him after being drafted in 1997 by the Phillies.)

52 - Dontrelle Willis Refractor (The "REFRACTOR" designation on the back of the card certainly helps, but I think I'm finally starting to get the various Chromey card designations. It helps to have natural light to hold these cards in.)

179 - Paul Lo Duca

Pack 2:

172 - Jeff Francoeur (This is a really nice card of Francoeur, surrounded by numbers. The 2007 set design overall is a lot better than 2008's.)

226 - Anthony Reyes (My girlfriend's favorite pitcher. He is talented and should provide Cleveland many winning opportunities, should they be smart enough to hang onto him. Not that I'm bitter or anything, but...)

265 - Albert Pujols Gold Glove XFractor (Okay, that's shiny... and crazy... kinda like a mid-90s Beck video.)

221 - Jermaine Dye
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night owl said...

Is there anyone out there that likes Drew? Phillies fans don't like him, Cardinals fans don't like him, Braves fans don't like him, Dodgers fans don't like him. I guess Red Sox fans kind of like him.

Erin said...
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dayf said...

No, no one likes JD Drew. Fans of all his former teams hate him. Red Sox fans don't really like him. His mom screens his calls. His dog farts at him. Scott Boras handles all the money he made off him with latex gloves. No one likes JD Drew, not even JD. When he looks in a mirror a single tear falls down his cheek once he realizes he himself is JD Drew.

madding said...

JD Drew is pretty much the anti-Julio Franco.