Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rainy Tuesday Miscellany

On Friday I did a "Buy It Now" purchase on eBay that was a lucky find and really probably the biggest no-brainer online purchase I've ever made. 800 80's oddball Cardinals cards for 19.99 and free shipping. Did I really need another box of baseball cards taking up space in my small apartment? That's probably not the best question to ask right now. But this was right up my alley. And the cards came today, and I got not one but two (!) 660 count boxes of Cardinals cards and stickers, absolutely none from a regular old base set. And while I got my fair share of doubles (hello, other Cardinals team collectors!), this ended up being a whole lot better than advertised. Though, now I seem to have about 10 Cardinals team sets worth of 1988 Starting Lineup Talking Baseball, whatever that is (I can't seem to remember.) Now I have a Chef Boyardee card. This was definitely my favorite card in the entire lot. Just check out Todd's mustache and wonder how often SpaghettiOs got stuck in it. (Actually, I think that was a Franco-American product.) (And on another note: I had no idea Chef Boyardee was a real person.)

This card came from the era of the National League's ill-fated brief experiment with the Designated Hitter rule, apparently.


Congrats to the Tampa Bay Rays. Check that, my Tampa Bay Rays! We are officially finished with Ozzie Guillen face time for the season.


I got my football prize package from the Cardboard Junkie himself on Friday. Unfortunately, I'm too upset about the Ducks, the Eagles and the American game of football in general to talk about the loot I received at the moment. But what in the world is the story with this card? It has some crazy hole in it. And that's very odd considering it comes from a set that calls itself Pinnacle Mint Condition.


With tonight comes the first preseason game of the season for the Portland Trail Blazers. For this occasion, I am going to do something I haven't done in 15 years. You can read all about it at A Pack A Day. Be afraid, be slightly afraid...


dayf said...

Pinnacle Mint is a weird card set where each pack had a coin, a couple of cards with holes in them (so you can put the coin in) and one with no hole, but a big foil circle logo that is kinda like a coin. You got a holey card because I had a helluva time finding Cunningham cards where he wasn't wearing a purple jersey.

Sorry for your football disaster, I'm still reeling from the Alabama game myself.

mmosley said...

Starting Lineup Talking Baseball!! I still have mine. It was a stadium shaped electronic baseball simulation game. It cam with an All-Star cartridge and cards. You could buy extra teams cartridges and the cards came with them. Pretty cool game back in the day.