Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Luck Ducks, Week 9

I've been lazy today, spending pretty much the entire afternoon watching Blazers-related shows on NBA TV while checking college football scores during the commercials. Fortunately, the Ducks are playing a playing a late night game against Arizona State so I can get the post up before the game starts. Unfortunately, the game is not being televised due to the Pac-10 ridiculous TV contract. I'm going to try catch the game at a local sports bar that usually manages to get all the games on a satellite feed even when no one else is supposed to see it.

The Ducks are one win away from bowl-eligibility, coming off of a bye week which should have helped heal some nagging injuries, and are facing a team with a banged-up quarterback who is listed as probably for the game. All of these things should lean towards the Ducks favor, but it's been really hard to gauge just how good (or not so good) this year's Ducks team is.

This is another card from the team set from the Rose Bowl year. The front should say 1994, but says 1992 instead. We are treated to a squirrel attempting to drown a fire with a bucket that appears to have a small napkin coming out of it.

Jeremy Asher was star member of Gang Green and was a 7th round pick by Washington in the NFL Draft. He apparently never made the team as I can't find stats anywhere for him.

I will have a baseball post up tomorrow, I promise.


kevincrumbs said...

Reason #765 why Claudia's rules.

madding said...

Claudia's was at its peak craziness level tonight, too.