Monday, February 23, 2009

More DAV Cards From Tony

I got another package the other day from Tony, who does the blog Ike's Cards (check it out if you haven't already.) He was kind enough to send along another stadium giveaway team set, this time from 2008, to a poor soul who lives nowhere near Cardinal country. The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) set has a very '90s-ish design to it - lots more color than the previous year. I don't have many cards of Mitchell Boggs, so it was nice to see him included in the set. Boggs is competing for the role of sixth starter (i.e. first in line to join the rotation if someone goes down) though it's not clear if a sixth starter would automatically have a spot on the roster if there are no significant injuries.

Here is my first, and quite possibly only Felipe Lopez card of Lopez in a Cards uniform. I don't think he made it into the Topps or Upper Deck base sets and I can't really see why he'd appear in any other sets. If anyone can disprove this, I'd love to know.

Kyle McClellan may also be in the mix to be a backup starter, but it seems like the team is more comfortable with him in the late innings right now. He excelled there for most of his rookie season, but I do think that he deserves a shot at the rotation at some point.

Ho hum. Just your garden variety reigning NL MVP here.

Skip Schumaker is working out with the Cardinals infielders in spring training with the hopes that he can convert to a role as a second baseman now that the team has unceremoniously dumped it's starting 2Ber and failed to re-sign Aaron Miles or Lopez. Should be interesting.

Like the 2007 set, all of the backs of the DAV cards look the same.

Tony also sent along some other Cardinals card goodies including this Yadier Molina card from Christian Family Day. There were a few of these and they all looked pretty classy for this type of card.

I may have featured this card on the blog before, but it still cracks me up. Go Carinals!

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