Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Showing Off

I don't usually show off my eBay purchases as a rule, mostly because I eventually suffer some form of buyer's remorse. It's not really that I regret buying the stuff, exactly, it's more that I am at least mildly embarrassed that I spent money on baseball cards without at least getting that gambler's thrill of opening a pack and having the potential of striking it "rich" with some 20 year old's autograph. This lot was different, however. I actually bought two lots (to save on combined shipping) and got an assortment of Cardinals inserts, rookies and parallels. I also picked up a bunch of Scott Rolen cards in the other auction, and both only ended up costing me $1 each before shipping. I've chosen to show some of the ones that interest me the most here.

- Anthony Reyes Postseason Highlights 1926/2006 (2006 Topps Gold): Most of the Topps gold parallel cards I end up with seem to be numbered in the 1900s for some reason. If it were any other number, I probably wouldn't even remember it, but numbers in the 1900s look like a year to me.

- Rico Washington (2008 Upper Deck Timeline): It's one of the Die Cut SP designs. You obviously can see that, though. I just need 6 more Cards from the set. I wouldn't mind the gold parallels, autographs and relics, though.

- Brian Barton (2008 Bowman Prospects Gold): There's a ton of Barton cards out there, I'm realizing. I really hope good things happen for him because he's fun to watch.

- Chris Duncan (2006 Bowman): A simple design... not too bad. There was also an Anthony Reyes from this set in the lot. The space for the facsimile auto reminds me of the real sticker autographs.

- Jason Motte (2005 Bowman Chrome): Motte throws hard- really hard. He's pretty under the radar, being a converted catcher. Then again, he's a short reliever with one major league pitch. Still, you can send me all of his cards if you want.

- Yadier Molina (2005 Bowman Draft Gold): I can't really keep up with all these versions of Bowman cards. Yadi is awesome.

- Mitchell Boggs (2008 Bowman Chrome): That's right, I called him Mitchell. Mitch is one of those Topps names that no one uses, like Russ Martin or Rock Raines.

- Kyle McClellan (2008 Upper Deck Timeline): Here's the other Timeline card. Looks nice. I bet the original set looked nice, too, but it was probably full of guys like Brad Fullmer.

If I get around to it, I may post about the Rolen cards at a later time. I'm not sure if Rolen deserves his own dedicated post at this point, though.

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