Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Totally the Same Guy


Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I'm not holding my breath in anticipation that Topps Heritage is coming out tomorrow. I'm not seeing any evidence of live cards on eBay, and I did overhear these guys at the local hobby shop saying that it had been pushed back until at least the first week of March. If any actual cards hit the blogs/auction sites/whatever, I'll then consider making the trek to a store. Until then, I'm not spending another dime on cards.

Unless, of course, Heritage doesn't come out before the next card show comes to town...

Or, er, if I run across some of last year's Heritage in the $1.59 section like a certain someone found...


  1. I bought some '08 Heritage today. Just a couple packs, but came up with 4 cards I didn't have.

  2. Hey, at least Stefan was nice to her! Chumpy McChumperson had to win, of course.

  3. Stefan is usually nice to people, though. Except Hosea. heheh.


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