Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mutant Goudey Pack

Erin has been on quite a run lately with pulling mutant packs. Mutant packs, of course, are the packs that contain things that they should not contain - in most cases, too many cards. Usually when Topps pulls this kind of stuff, there are some cards that look like they got stuck in a feeder and end up having damage from roller marks or some other kind of machinery. The Upper Deck packs just have ended up having the last couple of cards stuck together to appear that there is the right number of cards, when there's really an extra. Here's what she got in a recent Goudey pack:

115 - Carlos Beltran (Beltr0n became this sort of robotic speed + power machine when he came to Houston and feasted off of Cardinals pitching. He hasn't quite been the same player in New York, nor was he apparently in his Royals years when I had never heard of the guy.)

63 - Todd Helton (Arrgh! Todd Helton! My girlfriend always gets his cards and Night Owl gets stuck with him, too.)

11 - Chipper Jones (We both seem to get Chipper a lot.)

9 - Emmitt Smith Hit Parade of Champions (AHHH! You put football in my baseball! AHHH! I hate the Cowboys, but Erin gets stuck hearing about them the most, being a Texas native.)

138 - Daric Barton (RC) (The "other guy" in the Dan Haren for Mark Mulder trade, losing out on Daric Barton doesn't seem to be all that big of a deal to me any longer. Let's not talk about Haren, though.)

34 - Derrek Lee
126 - Mariano Rivera (To me, Rivera has to be the most likeable player on a team full of rather unlikeable players in recent years - unless your team has had to face him in the 9th in a key moment of the season or playoffs, of course.)

YSL467 - Tony Lazzeri Yankee Stadium Legacy (Here comes the mutant part.)

YSL442 - Herb Pennock Yankee Stadium Legacy (It's funny, because I kept making comments that I barely ever pull these and that they don't annoy me at all compared to what I always read other bloggers writing. And then Erin starting pulling these like crazy. She has no use for them, so now I have a stack of them that I've been trying to get rid of. Fortunately there are people out there that are trying to collect all of these, so I'll put them in the trade pile.)


  1. Two things:

    1. I'd definitely be interested in that Emmitt. Yes, along with being a Yankees fan, I'm also a Cowboys fan. Betcha wish you'd never traded with me now, huh?

    2. There's a handful of likeable guys on the Yankees. I can see why people may not necessarily like Jeter, but along with Mariano, you have Pettitte and Posada, as well as Tino Martinez and Bernie Williams back in the day. Embrace them, Madding!

  2. I know a ton of Yankee haters who HATE Posada. They see nothing likable in him at all.

    I ALSO know a Cowboys/Yankees fan. He's aware that a lot of people really dislike both teams. He seems almost sheepish about the whole thing.

  3. I used to like Pettitte, though I can't stand the Astros so that ruined it a bit. I don't mind Posada and I loved Bernie Williams. I'm not a big Tino Martinez fan but that might have come more from his inauspicious stint as a Cardinal.

    I have tons of Cowboys cards, but they're all from the early '90s so they're generally pretty worthless I'd imagine.

  4. I'm not sheepish about liking the teams people hate. My favorite pro team is the Lakers, favorite player is Kobe - people hate both of them.

    To be fair, my favorite NFL team is the Vikings - nothing really hateable about them, unless you're a Packers or Bears fan. Anyway, if you have Emmitt, Aikman, or Irvin cards, I'd be interested in them... I'm more a fan of the modern Cowboys tied to Parcells (Barber, Romo, Ware, Canty, Witten). I actually have a Parcells guys binder full of Keyshawn, Chad Henne, Chad Pennington, Jake Long, etc.

    Wow, Eric - way to sidetrack the whole post.


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