Sunday, November 1, 2009

Troll Trade #3

First off, let me apologize for the lack of imagination in this post title. I believe that I've run out of clever titles using the word "troll" or I'm just lacking in overall imagination tonight. At any rate, the impetus for this latest trade-related post was a couple of black bordered Allen & Ginter minis from the 2009 set: Albert Pujols and Tim Lincecum (not pictured - who says I have to give equal time here?)

Much to my delight, a bunch of Cardinals goodies were thrown in as well, such as this black-bordered David Freese card. Freese is one of those kids who does not enjoy school picture day.

The Troll donated a sizeable chunk of his Ray Lankford collection. There was no other card more audacious in the bunch than this one. I did not even realize there was a Home Run Derby in 1997 (I probably didn't even watch the All-Star Game) but am now better educated.

Here's one from an early-'90s Topps reprint set. From what I remember, Topps used their new Stadium Club card stock and UV coating and put out a couple of "archives" sets representing the early Topps issues as well as a clever but kind of strange NBA set where they used baseball designs from the '80s to fill in the "lost years" where Topps didn't produce basketball cards in order to show key players on their pseudo-rookie cards.

I'd like to see if Jarrett Hoffpauir can be added to the mix next season and given a fair chance to win a spot on the bench. I think he'd be a much more useful pinch hitter than Joe Thurston, at least.

Jose Oliva is one of the '90s Cardinals bit players that I have no recollection of ever being with the team. Cards like this always jump out at me.

My thanks again to the Troll (who has a package on the way) and all of the other great traders and bloggers out there that I've dealt with. Thanks for being patient with me. Make sure you read up on the trials, tribulations and exploits of The Collective Troll here.


kevincrumbs said...

I remember the aforementioned basketball set with baseball designs very well. I loved it when it came out and I still think the idea is pretty neat.

Collective Troll said...

Who needs creative titles? You can only say so much about cards coming from under a bridge... That was beyond a chunck of my Ray Lankford collection, that was it! He was a favorite of mine, he could hit and run and was pretty exciting to watch...I love getting cards of people who I don't remember playing... I feel really bad though when I flip the card and see that they played in like 80 games. Glad ya liked em! Cheers from the Troll!