Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cardinals and Blazers Go Great Together

On a day in which I'm even more embarrassed to be a Duck than ever before, I thought I'd reach into the faithful bag of trade post tricks. Tim of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame sent over a Duck-free package of Cardinals and Blazers that I don't... think... that I was expecting. Was I? It's hard to even remember yesterday, let alone a month or so ago.

Here's Mr. McGwire, brand new hitting coach. Today was his first real day on the job, which you can read about here. I hope he can coach even half as well as he could hit home runs. As far as I know, there's no performance enhancing drug for coaches.

I got several of these 1992 Panini album stickers. I don't remember this design very well at all. I think our local grocery store only carried Panini albums for a year or two, which is unfortunate. Maybe it was the store itself that closed, now that I think of it.

As mentioned, there were quite a few Blazers included. This one has me the most puzzled, though. There aren't too many late '80s / early '90s Blazers cards (or basketball cards in general) that I wouldn't recognize, but I don't recognize this one as far as I know. This is in the inaugural Upper Deck basketball design, which was for the 1991-92 season, but it is also commemorating the 1992 NBA Finals as you can see. Also, this was a Blazers winner, so it's pretty good to see even if the series didn't turn out so well. Lots of stupid shrugging Jordan cards were burned.

Hey, wait a sec! That's Spanish. Even more intriguing...

Finally, here's a card of former Blazers center, bricklayer (in the basketball sense) and Oregon gubernatorial hopeful Chris Dudley. I admire his efforts, I guess, but he's not getting my vote. I do remember that one time that he chucked a ball halfway down the court at Shaq back when he played for the Knicks. That was awesome.

Start it at about 3:40 if you're interested.


camclow said...

It is a tough day to be a Duck, I got a text at nine in the morning from a local radio station, needless to say it ruined my entire day.

SpastikMooss said...

Nah, you weren't expecting it. Sometimes I just read a thing or two on a blog and then send some cards. In this case you were talking Blazers somewhere, I had some Blazers cards, and bam - there you go.

That's why there aren't any ducks - you made the Haloti McNabb comment like 2 days after I sent this hahaha. Otherwise it would've been in there too.