Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gabillions of Goudey

Earlier this month I received an entire cardboard box full of 2008 Goudey cards, courtesy of The Sewingmachineguy. Not only did he knock off every last base card need from this set, but he also sent a ton of short prints and inserts. Erin and I are working on this set together - a new experiment in collecting for certain - and are currently still quite a ways away from finishing up this challenging set. Challenging is probably putting it nicely. What I mean to say is that this set has WAY too much SPs.

One of my personal collecting issues is that I am a team collector above all else, so when I get Cardinals like these next four that you'll see, I actually have to plan on purchasing two as these go straight into the team collection if I don't have them already. Since this set is a joint venture, I am going to make it a priority to purchase another copy of these cards on my own (or at least try and trade for them.)

I also have my own separate Ozzie Smith binder. This does not, however, mean that I need 3 cards of every Ozzie Smith card from every set I am trying to put together. I consider the Ozzie cards part of my Cardinals collection as well, aside from his Padres years.

I'm not certain why I decided to go after the Hit Parade of Champions but, for the most part, pass on the regular minis. I think the HPCs are kind of strange, but most of them are pretty affordable.

This is from one of the many short-printed subsets within the set. By the way, is anyone looking forward to 2010 Goudey? I hear it should be out fairly soon. I am predicting it will be awful, based on the licensing issues and last year's unpleasantness.

This one is for my friend Kevin, the only Habs fan I know (and possibly the only hockey fan I know personally) and also for Erin because I was just explaining to her today that Patrick Roy's last name is not pronounced like Brandon Roy's. Roy (Patrick, that is) is also the only Canadiens player, past or present, that I could actually name off of the top of my head.

I failed to post a single president card on Presidents' Day. Actually, as I prepare this post, it's still technically Presidents' Day in my time zone, but I'm saving this for you all to read tomorrow (which will be today by the time you see it.)

This is a really nice looking card. There were several missteps in this set (again, nothing like the horror-filled 2009 Goudey) but this is not one of them. I think the blue background works great. I also wish the Brewers were still an American League team and that Bud Selig hadn't screwed up everything for all eternity.

I just scanned this card because she was an Olympian and I'm watching the Olympics right now... the colder version, that is.

And finally... get ready to dance... SLURPEE DISC TIME!!! I love these, if you couldn't tell.

Thanks again to The Sewingmachineguy. Your package should be on its way in the next 24 hours.


Erin said...

Wait -- I have the Pujols Hit Parade of Champions. Remember -- I got it at the card show and you "whoa'd" and became jealous of my find.

Good you got another because I wasn't going to yank it out of my Pujols collection.

the sewingmachineguy said...

I bailed on the 09 Goudey. Just was a bufugly set.

Anonymous said...

That Yount card is one of my favorites.

Oh and I too wish the Brewers were an American league team AND that they still wore those baby blue away unis.