Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Twenty Ten Party Won't Stop

Here is the promised jumbo pack that I purchase on Saturday along with three regular Target retail packs. I haven't seen anyone post one of these at this point, but the pack follows the same script that we have seen the past couple of years. There are 36 cards in all for a retail price of $4.99. The odds of pulling certain inserts are different than a regular $1.99 retail pack, as expected, and there are no Target-exclusive inserts.

Click on the image above to see the exact odds of pulling various things if you are curious.

29 - Aubrey Huff

60 - David Wright (People seem to like this guy for some reason.)
135 - Ryan Dempster
177 - Adam Lind (Lind had a huge season last year. Or is that a huge year last season?)
216 - Mike Cameron
228 - Chris Pettit (RC) (Yes, a lot of the cards in this pack are dupes from previous packs that I opened.)
222 - Curtis Granderson (Tigers version)

92 - David Eckstein (If he had the foresight to see that he'd eventually end up at 2B and the Cardinals were also on board with that, maybe he'd still be a Redbird. Of course, Skip Schumaker is a much better hitter than Eckstein at this point.)
286 - Javier Vazquez

269 - Anthem in the Bronx (aka 2010 Topps Checklist 4 of 5)

132 - Cliff Lee Gold 0351 / 2010 (This will go in someone's Phillies pile, I'm sure.)

Ugh... one of the biggest reasons why I like serial numbered cards is the classy looking gold foil serial stamping itself. This just looks like some dude ran this card through his inkjet printer.

HOTG4 - American League Elevated to Major League Status (They are the Junior Circuit and don't you forget it!)
TTT8 - Zack Greinke Topps Town
223 - Ryan Church
112 - Kevin Correia

129 - Reid Gorecki (RC) (I did a double-take when I first saw Gorecki's name pop up last season. He was the Cardinals Minor League Player of the Year in 2004 but had fallen way off the radar. He turned 29 late last year, however, so I don't think he's terribly missed unless he somehow starts hitting like Matt Holliday.)
217 - Gio Gonzalez
84 - Nate Robertson
184 - Jeff Francoeur

2 - Buster Posey (RC) (Yeah, this guy again...)
114 - Chris Iannetta
48 - Joey Votto
303 - Chris Snyder
315 - Scott Kazmir
275 - Chris Coghlan 2009 NL ROY
72 - Milwaukee Brewers Franchise History

311 - Jose Valverde (This is normally an Astros-free zone, but I thought this was a pretty intriguing looking card and Valverde is no longer an Astro anyway.)

CMT-13 - Brooks Robinson Yer Mom (Okay, I guess I'd be a little ticked if my mother tossed this card. I don't think I'd lose sleep over a 1981 Eddie Murray card, though.)

TR12 - Manny Ramirez (This is perhaps the only time I can appreciate getting a Manny card.)

TOG-9 - Mickey Mantle Tales of the Game (Man, I wish there were more Mickey Mantle cards available in Topps products. I wonder if they're ever going to get around to honoring Barry Bonds.)

LL6 - Jimmie Foxx / Manny Ramirez Legendary Lineage (Blah, blah, Manny, blah... maybe there's some connection between these two players here, but I don't feel like looking it up.)

PP-7 - Grady Sizemore Peak Performance ("Young Sizemore Stuffs Stat Sheet" - that's not the only thing he stuffs!! Right?? Wait... that didn't make sense.)

61 - Skip Schumaker (It's nice to see Skip on his first official card as a second baseman, or at least the first I've seen.)
96 - Jon Garland
178 - Kerry Wood

83 - Mark Teahen (Photoshop alert! Teahen didn't join the White Sox until November.)


chris OK said...

completely agree with you on the new numbering on the gold - uck :(

longlivethewho13 said...

I guess Topps doesn't need to outshine the numbering font anymore. That's what I fear with no competition from UD... Topps will get lazy.

Community Gum said...

I don't know if it's a founded worry, but I worry that those numbers could wear or scratch off. The indentation just feels more official and special anyway.