Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Rasmus Relic

It's a Brand New Day for the Senior Circuit. Home! Field! Advantage! In the World Series! Wait... make that... The! World! Series! Okay, fine, I was genuinely excited about the NL's victory last night. After it sank in a bit, however, I did come to the realization that it only really matters if the Cardinals make it to the World Series. If a certain other team that I like happens to be in it, and not the Cardinals, then I will probably be a little annoyed. Exhibition games, especially those managed like a Field Day game where everyone gets a Participation Award, should not have any bearing on things that matter - especially not the World Series!

And now, having nothing to do with anything, I want to talk about a nice little package I recieved from Bud of First Day Issue. Bud consistently sends me packages with the largest shiny card-to-non-shiny card ratio of anyone that I currently trade with. I think I sent him some Griffeys and rookie cards of someone that used to play for the Sonics. Let's take a look at some cards from that guy!

Awesome! This is a Stadium Club "Video Replay" card of Mark McGwire. It looks like Topps appropriated the Sportflics (or is that -flix?) technology. Didn't they get a patent for that stuff?

This one qualifies as shiny and serial-numbered. Who is Josh Pearce? I don't know! He was on a Crusade, though.

ZZzzzzz... wait... what? Hello? Oh yeah, um, Fan Favorites are great. I would gladly trade National Chicle, Topps 206 and Topps Attax for a new Fan Favorites set if it were possible.

I don't think I've ever cheered harder for a fairly routine play made by a non-Cardinal than when Rolen went first-to-third last night during the All-Star Game. Even though he now plays for the team leading the Cardinals by 1 game in their division, I hope Rolen hits about 35 HRs and finishes in the top few in MVP voting. Just don't beat out any Cardinals, alright?

Ah yes, about that Colby Rasmus Relic. It's my first one, you see. This was a great surprise and I hope to acquire more Colby Rasmus swag as this baseball card thing continues to run its course.

Thanks again to Bud!

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Play at the Plate said...

Bud is a good trading partner for sure! I would love to see another Fan Favorite's set too.