Thursday, July 29, 2010

Middlin' Cards

A few weeks ago, there was some unpleasantness. I don't want to "talk about the past" or anything, but things got so bad that I decided I need to kick a bunch of Colorado Rockies cards to the curb. Fortunately, I was able to obtain the address of Shellie of The Middle Child, a poor misguided Rockies fan who I will grudgingly give a pass to because of her proximity to Coors Field.

Since I have yet to see a single pack of 2010 Bowman in my area (still!), I had completely forgotten about Chrome cards this year. Then, it dawned on me. What happened to 2010 Topps Chrome? After a few seconds of Google searching, I found out that Topps Chrome isn't coming out this year until the end of the baseball season, which seems really weird. I wonder if there's an issue with the "Chromium" technology this time around, as I've seen several mention that these Bowman cards seem a little bit different than usual, qualitywise.

Albert has been a bit slumpy lately. I think he needs to have a talk with his wife again.

Man, I really love the way the early Flair cards look. If only the Cardinals had better players in the Joe Torre era, although Mabry came back to the club several times over the course of his career.

Here's one for the Ozzie binder. In fact, this might be too good for the binder. I've never understood where the "medallion" is supposed to be in the Gold Medallion Edition Ultra cards. Some are more "gold" than others.

This has to be the oldest serial numbered card I've ever received. It's numbered 9690 of 9799! That's like a 1 of 1 in 2010 years. (I don't think that last sentence made sense.) I know that I pulled an Elite Mike Piazza serial numbered card a couple of years ago from a mid-'90s pack, but this is the first old serial numbered card that I actually care about.

I haven't been a huge fan of most of the Topps Gallery designs that I've seen, but I really like the few cards that Shellie sent from 1997. That frame is great. You could even say that it's golden.

Finally! Someone is paying attention. I am not making a whole lot of progress on my 1993 Upper Deck set, but I did get this restaurant quality Tim Salmon Star Rookie card. Is anyone up for some junk wax style trading?

Finally, Shellie sent this amazing Ryan Ludwick jersey card from 2010 Heritage. This is just a great looking card. I haven't pulled any "hits" to speak of from this year's Heritage myself, so I didn't know that these looked so good.

Thanks again! (P.S. I actually don't mind the Rockies all that much. I just wish they would stop beating the Cardinals senseless...)


shelliebee said...

Glad you liked the cards! Not too bad for a misguided Rockies fan huh?....I just wish that the Rockies weren't getting beat senseless by all the other teams right now!

longlivethewho said...

I found a '95 Flair the other day and was gaping at how beautiful it was. Really nice set... I wonder how much boxes go for.