Sunday, July 4, 2010

Five Cardinal All-Stars and a Cardboard Connection Contest

The Cardboard Connection is hosting a pretty huge contest where someone will walk away with a free hobby box of 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter. Considering that these things are going for around $120 a pop, there's pretty much no reason to miss out on this, and this particular contest gives you an opportunity to get pretty creative without demanding much of your time. If you do decide to enter, please consider mentioning Cards on Cards when you enter.

Alright, enough with the virtual panhandling. The St. Louis Cardinals have landed 5 All-Stars on the roster for the July 13th contest to lead all National League teams. Adam Wainwright finally makes his first appearance after being one of the top pitchers in all of baseball for the past three seasons. Hopefully he will finally be remembered for something other than being the closer in the 2006 playoffs, although those were pretty special moments. Wainwright also won his 12th game this afternoon. He'd be a nice candidate to start for the NL if it weren't for that Ubaldo guy.

Chris Carpenter has had a strange year. He's struggled at times (last night, in particular, was scary to watch) but he's still had some nice numbers to show for it despite the fact that he's walking batters and giving up HRs at alarming rates. I'm hopeful that he will be able to straighten some things out and have a more comfortable second half.

Yadi has really struggled at the plate for a long stretch, but he is still far and away the best defensive catcher in the game. He deserves some of the credit for handling one of the best pitching staff's in the league as well. Even with his low batting average, I would have a hard time hearing arguments about him not being a deserving All-Star considering how other teams are so afraid of getting thrown out that they usually don't even bother trying to steal anything. And they shouldn't.

Albert Pujols... what can you say? He's having a down year and he's still leading the league with 20 HRs and trails only David Wright in RBI. He also appears to be pretty locked in right now at the plate and won't have the pesky Home Run Derby to throw him off his game this time around.

Matt Holliday is the lone Cardinal reserve, and I'm happy he made the team. He got off to his typical slow start, but has been a lot more productive since the weather got warmer. Here's to hoping for a hot summer.

Oh, by the way, I hate Bud Selig's All-Star Game. It should not "count."

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