Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Panini Sticker Project

No, I'm not trying to do a Fleer Sticker Project, but thanks to a donation from a friend (thanks, Kevin!) I working on putting together a 1990 Panini MLB sticker album. My interest in sticker albums was piqued at an early age when I fell for the 25 cent 1986 Topps sticker packets at the neighborhood grocery/variety store. Those Topps stickers were split into two segments for most of the players, but the star players would get one dedicated sticker that was cut in an oval shape. You knew you had something special when you'd get an egg-shaped sticker.

I seem to remember Panini overtaking Topps in the sticker album racket in 1988, but I also think it came with an increased cost. With several dirt cheap options containing actual baseball cards (hello, 1988 Donruss!), I lost interest in buying packets and putting together albums that were not going to be worth anything, unlike my precious Gregg Jefferies rookie cards.

I still really like the idea of putting together sticker albums, however. Panini stickers have always looked nice, and I jumped at the chance to play with 20 year old stickers. I haven't put together a want list yet (don't tell anyone, but I am planning on buying a box), but I am at least doing well in the Royals department. As you can see by the "1989 Highlights" page, however, I still have a lot of work to do.

If anyone has any extra 1990 Panini stickers burning a hole in their closet, you know how to find me.


  1. I think I have some but it'll be a while until I can get to them as I'm in the middle of a move. I'll try to remember to dig them out, but feel free to drop me an email in a month or so if you don't hear from me.

  2. The 1986 Topps Sticker book is what got me into baseball.

  3. I bought 2 boxes of this last year just for the hell of it. I completed one set and am probably 10 cards or less away form a 2nd set. Email me your want list and I can probably fill the whole thing for you.

  4. Want list plz. At least the American Leaguers.


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