Monday, February 21, 2011

Still Collecting Ginter? Me Too.

Who would have thought that having a St. Louis Cardinals-based blog would get me so many Cubs fan readers? I'm in the process of basically cleaning out every single Chicago Cubs-related anything that I own right now because of all of the trade commitments I have going on. One such deal I'm actually pretty behind on is with reader Matt from VA. He sent over a nice group of 2010 Allen & Ginter cards. Even though I have yet to complete any Allen & Ginter set that I set out to finish, I'm hoping this summer brings another installment of the product line. (Does anyone know if this is happening? I don't really pay attention to release schedules.)

I'm not really impressed with the sketch card inserts in the 2010 set. It's a nice idea, but a lot of the faces look weird. It's hard for me to critique art, though, considering I have almost no drawing ability of my own.

Does Matt Holliday become the face of the franchise for 2012 and beyond? I seriously hope not, even though I really like Holliday. Meanwhile, I'm setting my own deadline for Albert Pujols contract talks. If he's not signed to an extension by the first day of the regular season, I'm not discussing his future any more on this blog*... until, of course, he signs on the dotted line with the Redbirds.

On his way to what is now known as Florida, or Heatleland, Ponce de Leon was chased mercilessly by a serpent of the sea as large than the boat he sailed on... according to this expert illustration.

Wow, and Pizarro too? It's amazing anything was discovered in those times!

(*Subject to change without notice!)


Duane said...

I guess i can post again.....I am interested in trading ginters and turkey reds i suppose if you are interested...i have plenty to trade from over the years.


longlivethewho said...

I believe A&G is still on for 2011. The only thing that's changed is that Chicle and 206 will be replaced with Gypsy Queen.

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ShaneK said...

I am looking for any minis if any of you are looking to trade. I have base cards and TDIH cards as well other stuff too.

ShaneK said...

oh, as far as 2011 Ginter, have not heard that is OFF, but the local shop still had yet to receive any purchasing info as of last weekend.