Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Get Off My Lawn, Bowman!

There's something really creepy about buying a pack featuring, and seemingly centered on, an 18 year old kid on all of its packaging. I'm also not your typical Bowman consumer and likely won't buy another full price Bowman pack again this year. I like to wait for this stuff to show up in repack boxes and the $1.59 bin. I was out at a local retail giant in search of supplies, however, and just didn't feel right unless I bought at least one pack. I also fell victim to the "hey, it's something NEW" circumstance that plagues me and far too many others at times.

Anyway, here's the one pack, which likely will not feature the snot-nosed brat named Bryce.

BP86 - Stetson Allie Prospects (Someone took a girl's full name and reversed it for some reason.)

BP23 - Vinnie Catricala Prospects (He's Hawaiian!)

64 - Trevor Cahill (It's almost as if they took the last 10 years of Bowman designs and threw them into a blender to come up with this year's model. You could probably say that every year, however.)

58 - Torii Hunter

124 - Franklin Gutierrez (Good Guy Gutierrez returns to Seattle's lineup not long after Nut Case Milton leaves it and suddenly the Mariners are competitive.)

133 - Jose Tabata (I am not a fan of the holiday caps.)

205 - Freddie Freeman

BCP59 - Ronald Bermudez Chrome Prospects (I got nothin'.)

BBP7 - Mike Moustakas Bowman's Best (I guess this counts as one of my chrome cards for some reason. Moustakas has been a highly touted prospect for awhile now, which automatically means that he's the next George Brett Alex Gordon.)

114 - David Wright Gold (Here's the unnecessary one per pack parallel. Gold Bowman cards are still going strong.)

As a gentle reminder to you all, I don't need any of these cards. I will collect the related Cardinals cards, however.


  1. You can claim the cardinals cards on my N.L. Central Bowman post.

  2. Greetings,

    If you need Cards after claiming what PatP has, send me a note. I have:

    165 - Jaime Garcia (gold parallel)

    BCP90 - Adron Chambers - Chrome

    BP90 - Adron Chambers

    96 - Chris Carpenter

  3. Ha! At least you didn't buy any even-younger Justin Bieber cards or stickers or (creepy) albums.

    Even as young and unproven as Harper is, at least he can vote, buy a lottery ticket legally, and see an R-rated movie all by himself.


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