Sunday, May 15, 2011

Retail Guy Strikes Again

This month's card show was all about packs for me. One of my biggest complaints about card shows is when no one has any packs for sale. Sure, there's always someone with unopened boxes of this and that, but I want packs. Always. I bought a bunch of stuff from the retail guy who is usually there, and among that stuff was three 2011 Topps Heritage jumbo rack packs priced at just $3 a pop. I don't know where he gets his stuff or where he comes up with his prices (and I probably don't want to know), but I'm not one to complain.

Reader Trey J recently contacted me about trading some 2011 Heritage for some Astros cards. If you're reading this, Trey J, go ahead and send me an email. You don't have an email address attached to your Blogger account.

And now... on with the packs.

Pack 1:

224 - Casey Coleman (Coleman's card is one of those semi-variations that this set is littered with. The rookie star is white on this one but is yellow and in the opposite corner on every other version of this card - Chrome, Black, etc. It's not a real variation because all of the base Coleman cards look like this.)
258 - Ryan Braun
82 - Kevin Kouzmanoff
341 - Lorenzo Cain (Cain just hit for the cycle yesterday - in AAA.)

NF-3 - Mona Lisa News Flashbacks (Already got it. Anyone need it?)
262 - Ivan Rodriguez

58 - 2010 NL Win Leaders (Wainwright is out for the year and Ubaldo has been dreadful. Only Roy Halladay has been able to keep it together this year so far.)
222 - Franklin Gutierrez
180 - Jim Thome
36 - Mark Reynolds
306 - Red Sox Rippers (I am so against this card.)
103 - Some Jerk

391 - Martin Prado (It still baffles me that Prado was an All-Star. Solid player, yes, but All-Star? Then again, there was Omar Infante...)
292 - Orlando Hudson
158 - Atlanta Braves

223 - Ryan Theriot (He's got a good bat for a middle infielder, but Theriot has been so horrible in the field that he's managed to make an already shaky defense into a laughing stock. This needs to change.)

Pack 2:
183 - Mike Pelfrey
70 - Justin Morneau (Morneau and the Twins are sinking fast without the other guy with the M name.)
319 - Lincecum Shows His Stuff

346 - Felix Hernandez (The Mariners are finally starting to add some more reasons to show up to/watch their games besides King Felix and Ichiro. They need to turn around their losing skid, though.)

'62-10 - Brian Roberts/Heath Bell Topps Stamps 35/62 (Great pull for such a cheap pack. I got one of these things last year, too.)
119 - Scott Cousins
380 - Tim Hudson
385 - Mark Buehrle
135 - Babe as a Boy Babe Ruth Special (I'm so tired of these things.)
277 - Pedro Alvarez (Alvarez needs to start hitting. My fantasy teams are getting restless.)
215 - Asdrubal Cabrera
41 - Chris Valaika

294 - Philadelphia Phillies (The Cards' next opponents.)
- Checklist 5 of 6
175 - Adam Dunn
425 - Kevin Youkilis
92 - Armando Galarraga (What's often overlooked in the Armando Galarraga Ruined Perfect Game Story is that Galarraga had a really promising rookie season a few years ago, but has been pretty uninspiring since then. He's obviously got the talent, so I wonder what's going on with him.)

Pack 3:
343 - Bobby Abreu
210 - Evan Meek (Another unlikely All-Star.)
139 - Babe Hits 60 Babe Ruth Special
77 - Chase Utley

426 - Brent Morel (Is this a real baseball player? What's up with his face? I do love the close-up of the Old Hickory bat.)

312 - Doc Shows Perfect Form (Fortunately, the Cards will miss Doc in this upcoming quickie series.)
216 - David Aardsma
102 - Matt Capps
406 - Tyler Colvin (Not pictured: a smirking Cub.)
362 - Greg Halman
63 - Tommy Hanson (More popular than the music group Hanson.)
24 - Detroit Tigers

246 - Andrew Bailey (Two-time All-Star. Really. He just needs to learn how to stay off the DL.)
338 - Brett Gardner
18 - Managers' Dream (My dream is that Albert Pujols remembers that he's Albert Pujols and that the Brewers remain sub-.500. Is that too much to ask?)

310 - Andy Pettitte (Pettitte didn't retire. He's just trapped on an empty ball field in his uniform and can't escape. Can't someone please help Andy Pettitte? He's looooossssst!)


Play at the Plate said...

I love $3 rack packs. Never see 'em around here, but I love 'em.

the sewingmachineguy said...

I'm trying to fihure out the connection between Roberts and Bell. Bad Hanson joke.

Trey J. said...

Email sent, I may have sent to the wrong email the first time.

$3 rack packs that's pretty awesome. I hope to get a few good deals like that next show I go to.

CaptKirk42 said...

Those packs can be pretty cool. Takes me back to my childhood.

you probably already have someone for that Mona Lisa.