Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Group Break From The Other World

I haven't participated in a lot of group breaks lately because I tend to be a bit slow on the draw and I have plenty of competition for Cardinals slots. I'm glad I was tipped off to the group break hosted by The Other World recently, however, because it turned out to be a really good one (at least for me.) The break had a pretty good variety of products from throughout the '00s, rather than just focusing on a certain year, which is nice.

I should also mention that I got to choose a second team, so I ended up taking San Diego and was rewarded handsomely with this Ozzie Smith short print from the 2005 Upper Deck Classics set.

I also snagged a short stack of 2002 Topps Total. Most of the base cards in this case ended up being Padres cards, but I did get an Albert Pujols and a So Taguchi rookie.

There was also this snazzy little insert. Snazzy is about how I feel about it.

2009 Topps 206 was also in the mix, but I didn't fare as well here. I did, however, get three Cardinal minis which is nothing to sneeze about.

I'm usually not the biggest fan of Topps Gallery sets, but this 2003 set looks really nice I must admit. I think I like it because there's no gold involved.

Ryan Klesko's Artists Proof card (doesn't everyone steal this name?) is thicker than the base cards and loses the really nice artsy finish, replacing it with more of a refractor look. It doesn't scan the way it looks, of course.

I have every Cardinals base card from the 2008 Baseball Heroes set, so I wasn't expecting much outside from maybe a parallel or two that I didn't have. I didn't get anything like that, so I thought I'd show this card of a couple of Hall of Famers instead. However...

I hit the jackpot with this one. Well, maybe not the jackpot, but bells and whistles definitely started going off and coins started busting out of the machine. Here's three Hall of Fame (or HoF to be) pitchers and their respective jersey swatches. Yes, I know, jersey cards aren't that exciting to most. Yes, I know, this design sucks and the player's photos are nearly microscoping. This is still a really cool card to have and it will be one of the few non-Cardinals (and non-set building) cards I own that I won't be eager to rid myself of.

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