Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The NBA Is Back, But Where Are The Cards?

Actual factual NBA basketball is back now, which means I can resume posting the occasional basketball card here on the blog. I'm sure this thrills my reader base to no end. In any case, I'm kind of excited to at least see the Portland Trail Blazers play again, and they've gotten off to a reasonable 2-0 start. Here's a few cards that I didn't post before because I was bitter.

These are all from the 2010-11 Donruss set, one that I really should have bought more of before that whole lockout thing happened. Especially annoying is the fact that there has been virtually no sign of new NBA cards (no doubt lockout related) for quite some time. There was talk of an NBA Hoops revival, but it seems that those plans were scrapped or at least put on the shelf indefinitely. The only thing I've read about any imminent releases came from this article posted a few days ago. In the wake of the lockout, the shoddy economy and the whole Occupy thing, does Panini really think that a set that contains nothing but autographs and multi-swatch booklets is a great idea for the average collector?

Until an actually affordable set is released, I will at least consider restarting my attempt to collect the 2010-11 Donruss set. This idea never really got off the ground before, but I do still like the way this set works.

Also... go Blazers!


Colbey said...

I'm not going to continue to build this set so I have a lot of cards you may need. Do you have a want list?

Erin said...

Um. I gave you a pack of basketball cards for Christmas!

madding said...



madding said...

No want list yet. I didn't really buy enough to start one. I might look for a deal somewhere soon and then post one.

BigD said...

Panini blows. Looks like the only thing us average dudes will be able to afford is HOOPS and that won't be until March. Here's a link to all FIVE (really FIVE?) sets they'll produce and 4 are basically high end crap.


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