Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hook 'Em

I received a few sports card-related gifts for Christmas, all of which were ready made for posting on the internet about. Hooray, internet! I already posted one of the gifts over at APTBNL. Here is, for some reason, a little write-up on the 2008 Texas Longhorns baseball set.

Brandon Belt gets front of the set billing, and of course his card is the only one that shows any wear at all. I didn't know that he also had a role on his college team as a pitcher. I think Giants fans are still hoping this guy becomes one of the centerpieces of their lineup, but it seems like it's probably tough to develop power while playing half your games at Phone Company Park.

Here's the other major leaguer in the bunch, Chance Ruffin. Ruffin was a Tigers draft pick and had already reached the majors when he was part of the trade that brought Doug Fister to Detroit.

Cameron Rupp is a Phillies draft pick and he's topped out at A-ball so far.

Austin Wood is famous for one 13-inning relief appearance with UT, the first 12 of which yielded no hits. 169 pitches later, nearly everyone agrees that what he did was colossally stupid. He eventually got injured, obviously, but has so far played as high as AA with the Tigers organization.

In the Everybody Gets a Card Dept., here is your volunteer assistant coach. Sorry, I mean, volunteer assistant to the coach. Weird.


Play at the Plate said...

My son is jealous and he hasn't even seen this post. Happy New Year Kerry!

Erin said...

50 cents from Thrift house!