Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Sky Is Falling, Kind Of

It's full blown panic time in Cardinalville, at least if you're one of those sorts who reads the internet texts and the breaking bottom lines on the TV. Pujols may well be a Miami Marlin by the time you get around to reading this. Or, perhaps, he will be a member of Mystery Team C, whoever that ends up being (it usually doesn't exist.) I hate getting caught up in reading about contract negotiations, so I think I am going to bow out of the speculation and just see what happens. If some team is going to offer an an insanely lengthy contract with a ridiculous amount of money attached, so be it. It doesn't seem right that he'd leave after being the face of the organization for a decade-plus, but it could and certainly may happen. I'm okay with it.

Here's my first 2011 Topps Chrome card, and like the rest of the cards in this post, it came to me in the mailbox from Rod at Padrographs. Rod is giving away a bunch of stuff (postage donations gladly accepted) and I hear that people like stuff, so if you're into stuff you should check it out. Meanwhile, when I look at Colby Rasmus, it's hard for me to believe right now that he won't be the biggest name that leaves the team this year.

And this is what we call a vomitcard. And that's not just because the craptacular Ryan Theriot is the featured player. Hey-o!

Back to happier thoughts, here's another puke encrusted card. This time it's World Series MVP and All Around Good Guy David Freese.

In other, lesser known Hot Stove talk, the Cards are looking at possibly shaking up their starting rotation a little bit with rumors involving the departures of Kyle Lohse and/or Jake Westbrook. Carlos Martinez is one of the hot young prospects waiting in the wings, but he's probably got quite a ways to go. I'm also still trying to come to grips with the marriage of Topps Heritage and minor league baseball. I would probably be all over this if it wasn't a hobby-only release. In any case, I certainly appreciate the Cardinals-affiliated cards.

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