Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another JABO's Group Break

I participated in yet another group break this summer. This one, like a few others that I've been involved in, was put on by Juuust a Bit Outside or JABO's for short. Included in the break were cards from 2004 SP Prospects, notable for its inclusion of a Yadier Molina rookie card, 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen and 2012 Bowman Platinum. I already snagged myself a copy of the Yadi rookie card and some of the other Cardinal prospects in the set, but I didn't yet have the Jim Edmonds card. My extra Yadi card is still up for grabs in my Rummage Sale.

Bowman Platinum is something I simply will never buy as its beyond my price point. Its idea of fun is to make every card shiny in some way, which also reduces its appeal to me. I don't mind shiny things, but I don't like to be hit over the head with it on every card. Still, I need the Cardinals in this set as I do with just about everything.

Jordan Swagerty was a second round pick in 2010 but is currently rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. The Cardinals saw their top pick from the 2009 draft promoted today (Shelby Miller) with somewhat little fanfare as his role is a bit uncertain with the Cardinals making their playoff push.

Kyle4KC was kind enough to toss in some extra Cardinals, as he often does, and that included this nice Matt Holliday gold parallel card featuring the slugger wearing his old (2009) number.

I also took the opportunity to buy up this Jaime Garcia 2012 Allen & Ginter jersey card. I'm a big fan of the framed card design this year.

Posting may be limited for the rest of the week, depending on how things go. Musicfest NW is going on here in Portland this week and I will be attending, so my regular schedule will be all out of whack.

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