Thursday, December 20, 2012

Clear Cut Heritage Trade

Cards on Cards is going on vacation. Tomorrow is my last working day until after New Year's Day, so new posts may be nonexistent or at the very least, somewhat sporadic and unpredictable for the remainder of the year. For most people, not having to go to work means more free time and, by extension, more time for the blog. Apparently, I don't seem to work that way. Every time I have time off I find that I neglect everything I normally keep up with and go off and do things that I don't always get a chance to get to do.

I thought I'd sneak in one last trade post before 2013... assuming I don't free up all of this time to get caught up on the rest of my trades and trade posts. This little swap was for a few 2012 Heritage cards from Clear Cut Cards. My end of the deal is sadly lagging behind, but that matter should be taken care of very soon.

Along with some needed base cards and the Walmart blue parallel of Mr. Collmenter (who sounds like a vice principal of the disciplinarian kind) came this Kyle Seager short print. Seager was one of the best of a less than mediocre bunch of hitters in Seattle's lineup last year. With Kendrys Morales joining the fold for 2013 and the Safeco Field fences moving in, it will be interesting to see if Seattle can find some semblance of an offense. As much as we like Chone "Figgy" Figgins in this household, it will likely be addition by subtraction to have him out of the picture. I hope he catches on somewhere else and is able to rebuild his career.

A couple of Cardinal Triple Play cards found their way into the mix. These are headed for my Cardinals binders as Erin already has them. She's working on this set and just busted her way through a box. Look for an updated wants/haves list soon, if you're working on this set or have any extras.

I caught an interview with Lance Berkman this morning on MLB Network's Hot Stove, which is a regular part of my morning routine these days. Berkman didn't sound as dismissive about playing again as some of the things I've read in the media lately, and the fact that he was willing to go on TV and talk for awhile to me suggests that he's putting himself out there for an opportunity next season. Good for him. I never thought I'd become a Lance Berkman fan, but he's a good guy and a hell of a player.

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  1. I never thought I'd be a Lance fan, either. But that's just because he was a Cardinal killer of a sort. I do think he is awesome. I love him now. Tons.

    (Okay, this is posting as madding ... but it is really Erin. Too lazy/not enough time before work to re-login.)


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