Monday, December 3, 2012

This Way to the Want Lists

Things are happening! I'm still (mostly) managing to put together trades and reduce my outrageous want lists. This may still be a bit like throwing pebbles into the ocean, but I am ridding myself of things I don't care about and taking in things I care slightly more about, so that has to be good. Right?

This latest "achievement" comes courtesy of Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse. He was all over the 2012 Heritage trading thing before the 2012 Heritage trading thing was cool, and I thank him for that. And also for the cards.

Speaking of trades, it hit me with a bit of a shock that Tommy Hanson is no longer a prospect darling and more like a hopefully salvageable piece of a trade for a young reliever. Didn't see that coming. I guess it goes to show how little I pay attention to teams outside of the NL Central since it seems like with the unbalanced schedule at least 100 of the Cardinals games are played inside their own division.

Jordan Walden was the other side of the Tommy Hanson trade. Walden was a (replacement) All-Star closer in 2011 who found himself booted out of the role before the end of the first month of play this past season. Booted, I tell ya!

One down, twelve more to go! And uh, a bunch of short prints, inserts and variations. But we won't talk about those. Especially not the stupid variations.

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