Sunday, December 16, 2012

Eighties Rewind

Reader Jeff (from CA) sent over a couple of Cardinal needs from the elusive 1984 Donruss set recently, as well as a few other '80s cards from the want lists.

I think I'm just conditioned to feel that 1984 Donruss is financially unattainable. In reality, I bet it would be cheaper to put together this set than, say, one of the Topps Heritage sets when you include all of the short prints.

I wonder if anyone ever called LaPoint "DLP"? I know I would have.

Storm Davis is a non-Cardinal, but he's included here as I'm working on the entire 1985 Fleer set. I'm really going to hate having to buy the Roger Clemens rookie. It won't be so much because of the price as it will be for paying money for a card with that fool on it.

Thanks again to Jeff!

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