Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Contest Reminder and Ginter Goodies

Here's just another reminder that I've got a contest going on. All you have to do is pick the winners of each college bowl game. You must enter and at least pick your first game by 10:00 AM PST on Saturday. Subsequent games must be picked no later than kickoff of each respective game, though I'd recommend making all of your picks before Saturday and then changing them later as you see fit. Just to sweeten the pot a bit, if we manage to get more entrants than last year I will go out and pick up some things at the next card show to add to the prize pool.

Speaking of card shows, I picked up a couple of deeply discounted blasters last weekend - a box of Topps Archives and a box of Allen & Ginter. Each was sold to me for only $12. Rather than give a blow by blow of this Ginter blaster, I thought I'd just scan all of the cards I actually needed, which happened to include zero base or SP cards. I'm down to only needing 3 base cards but there are quite a few SPs I have.

As a result, I also have a lot of dupes. Check the list on the sidebar if you are looking for anything from this set or have some extras that you want to pass along to me.

This is only my second Military Leaders card. Of course, there are some insert sets that I haven't managed to pull anything from, but some may be "hobby only" for all I know.

What's worse than two last names? Three last names!

I wonder if Jay Bruce ever wishes he could go back to that brief moment in 2008 when everyone was more excited about him than they were about Joey Votto.

This completes the World's Tallest Buildings set for me. Hooray!

Yeah, these are kind of dull after awhile. I hope they ditch the massive player insert set idea next year, if there is a 2013 Ginter. I am almost hoping that there isn't, just for my sanity's sake. I guess they wouldn't have anywhere to honor the 2012 code winner if that were the case.

I do love minis, though.

I won't rest until every sideline reporter has their own card. Can we get a Jim Gray harassing Pete Rose card? Thank you.

Not pictured: vampires.

It was satisfying to watch the Cardinals take down the Nats in the playoffs, but I have a feeling the Nats are going to come back stronger next season.

No Yankees logo on Maris's jersey? Is that a 'W' on his cap? Or is that a Batman logo?

This card looks great in a black mini version.

I almost can't stand looking at these murder mystery cards, yet I am trying to collect them all anyway. What's wrong with me?

The last pack contained a "hit", and that hit was this Justin Upton framed jersey. It's up for grabs. Nothing else pictured here is, though.

I'll likely post the Archives box early next week. That one is pretty much all trade bait.


  1. I'll have to try to come up with something for you for that Upton (and the Cuddyer mini).

    ...or you could just give it to me when all of my bowl selections are correct.

  2. How about a Chad Curtis snubbing Jim Gray card?


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