Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cards on Cards From The Writer's Journey

I love a good blind trade, especially when it nets me Cards (on cards) by the pound. I almost collapsed under the sheer weight of Cardinals cards that I received from The Writer's Journey back in late February, and I have picked out some of my favorites from this great haul.

I know we all wanted last year's Topps Archives set to be more like the Topps Archives sets of the past, and the cards I received here were good reminders of that. It's interesting that they chose one of Kaat's last cards, and not even a regular base card, for this set. It actually took me awhile to get ahold of the original 1983 Topps card that this was based off, and now I have a slick reproducton of it as well.

I am not sad that Tim McCarver is leaving the FOX broadcast booth. I've probably mentioned this before, and will likely continue to mention it whenever I run across his cards. He was on some great teams and had a nice playing career, but his second career makes my ears bleed.

Pacific cards could be just plain weird. It's a very bizarre era of cards that I completely missed out on. I just can't believe this really stern looking inset picture of DeShields, surrounded by a glowing light that makes him look like one pissed off judgmental diety.

'Sup guys. My name's Alan. I'm here to take the league by storm.

I don't know how many times I've seen the classic Gibby "arms up, ready to pitch" pose, but I'm not sure that I'll ever tire of it. Bonus points to Upper Deck for not colorizing this card... unless they de-colorized a color photo for some stupid reason.

Here's another Pacific card that I missed out on the first time around. This may have been from before Kennedy developed his frustrating uppercut swing.

It's always bittersweet, and maybe even a little heartbreaking to see Darryl Kile cards from the year he died (2002).

Cute. I wonder if the kid that drew this ended up setting his original artwork on fire when he found out the truth about Big Mac, though.

By the way, it's 11:00 PM on the west coast as I write this, and the Cardinals game is still going on. I should be liveblogging this instead of talking about players who haven't played for the team in half a decade.

I love regional issues. I should really work something out with someone local who goes to all of the games to get ahold of more Cardinals merch and regional cards. That would be fun.

Finally, here are some of the bigger guns that this huge package offered. This Woody Williams "Credits" parallel is numbered 66/100. Nice find!

I don't know where or how or who released this button set, but I want more! I would proudly display Todd Zeile's button on my backpack or book bag.

And finally, it's Tommy Herr! A nice slab of autographed cardboard if I do say so myself. I wonder if there's a story behind this card. It's now officially the largest autographed baseball card in my collection.

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  1. Pacific either made down right ugly cards, or beautiful cards. All the Aurora sets made me want to rip out my eyes.


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