Monday, April 1, 2013

Opening Day! Hooray!

Opening Day is finally here! This is one of those things that I wish could happen more than just once a year, but it's just not meant to be. I am doing some housekeeping and thought I'd throw a post or two up on the blog today. If I'm feeling charitable, this might not be the last you here from me today.

I sent over a sizeable chunk of Padres cards, Blazers doubles and assorted other goodies to Backstop Cards. I thought I'd show off some of what I received in return.

Whenever I hear "injured" and "indefinitely" in the same sentence, I get a little worried. And a little nauseous. And, uh, well... anyone can close, right? Hopefully Jason Motte gets better soon, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I will be holding my breath when Mitchell Boggs and whoever else is called upon at the ends of Cardinals games are on the mound. Yikes!

I'm hoping for a big year from Carlos Beltran this year. I guess that's what Opening Day is all about. Optimism! Anything can happen! The Astros are in first place. The Pirates are still in contention!

This card is a "gold" parallel. Seriously. Can't you tell?

On to the set building portion of this trade - here's a much needed 2011 Heritage short print. Only 53 left to go!

I'm not a fan of these sketch cards, as I've mentioned plenty of times before in this space and others. This is Ozzie Smith we're talking about here, though, so I had to post it.

I'm watching the Angels/Reds broadcast as I post this (ew, interleague!) and just can't believe how awful Thom Brennaman and Jeff Brantley are to listen to. They seem to really hate baseball and their viewers.

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  1. Glad you dug 'em! I got that massive load of Blazers today, you weren't lying, there's a ton of them. Thanks!


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