Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Big Spill 2: Heritage Boogaloo

Continuing on with Big Spill Week, I had a couple of large piles of 2013 Topps Heritage cards that were all discombobulated. I know that Card Anathema and My Cardboard Mistress were responsible for sending me the cards, and I selected nine of them to show you tonight. I am still in need of a ton of cards from this set, so drop me a line if you've got any to spare.

You really have to feel for Felix Hernandez, as long as you set aside your knowledge that he has more cash than some small countries at his disposal. The Mariners are many years removed from their last contending season, and he continues to take the mound every fifth day, having been - alongside Justin Verlander - the best pitcher in the game since the middle part of last decade.

There are a ton of Cardinals in this year's Heritage set, which also means that there's a ton of short prints. As with every other Cardinal in this post, I am still in need of a second card for the set proper. This Holliday short print is going in my Cardinals collection. Spankee also sent me the Yadier Molina action variation card, but that instantly went into Erin's stuff. That means I still need like 10 more Yadi cards from this set. Yikes.

Well, the Blue Jays run as AL East Favorites didn't last very long. R.A. Dickey has been ordinary. Jose Reyes is out for 3 months with an injury. And Josh Johnson has given up 16 runs in 19 2/3 innings. So... yikes.

This was the card I coveted most when I first saw the checklist for this set. Shelby Miller has been great so far in the rotation, while Trevor Rosenthal is still trying to find it in the bullpen... whatever "it" is.

Three seasons, two World Series rings, a Rookie of the Year award and an MVP award. Must be nice.

Let's see... which one of these guys do I want to punch? I'll give you a hint... it's not Yadi!

Wow, that's a really washed out picture. I don't understand this one. It's not like Wainwright switched teams so they had to do doctoring of his photo or anything.

Wei-Yin Chen is only 27, but he has 8 (!) seasons of Japanese professional baseball under his belt, plus his MLB rookie campaign of last year. He's looked good so far as an Oriole.

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