Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crackin' Holidays

For a good cause.

Crackin' Wax does a lot of good things for charity. Around the holidays, the blog did a special version of their Take My Cards giveaway to pass out a vast quantity of cards to people for a nominal donation. I snagged a bunch of Allen & Ginter cards for set filler purposes. I'm letting the recently retired Jason Bay represent that unremarkable lot. Hey, sometimes you gotta take commons where you can get them.

I also picked up a few choice Cardinals cards for the binders. Freese had just been traded, if I recall, or was at least well on his way out the door. As far as this set goes, it's claiming it's "2012 Prizm" but has 2012 stats on the back. That's annoying. Not as annoying as a logoless baseball set, but annoying nonetheless.

Preston Wilson's appearance here is a reminder of just how many base Chrome cards I still need for my Cardinals collection. Care to guess how many? I don't. It's a lot!

Here's one that puts the rest of the package to shame: a Trevor Rosenthal Bowman International card. I don't think it's actually Bowman International anymore, but I forget what they're calling these parallels now. He should be pitching in front of his state flag if I recall. Rosie is going to open the season as the closer even if Jason Motte is healthy, which I think is less an indictment of Motte's situation as it is tacit approval of the job Rosenthal did in the role late last year.

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