Monday, June 1, 2015


Still just a drop in the bucket.

Friday was payday, so I went out over the weekend to run some errands and came home with some cards. You know how this goes. One of the things I punked down some cash for was a 20 packs-for-$20 repack box, which is probably the best way to do repacks. (Stay far, far away from those shady little windowless boxes with a guaranteed hit and little else. That's how you get stuck with Leaf Pete Rose cards.) For possibly the first time in my life, I actually completed something with a card pulled from a pack. I'm now done with the 2014 Topps Heritage base set thanks to pulling a card of a duo of fairly anonymous pitchers, and now only have the myriad short prints, inserts and variations to chase down.

I did snag some Target-exclusive 2014 Heritage cards that I needed as well, but this Kershaw Opening Day Stars card from last year was probably my second favorite pull of the lot. I just really like these inserts and have only recently begun to realize that they're not the easiest things in the world to find for whatever reason.

If you've got any of these lenticular wonders from over the past several years collecting some dust in a corner somewhere, let me know. I did end up with a pile of doubles which I'll have to get rid of. This reminds me that I still have piles of team sorted cards still available of my doubles from sets that I collect if anyone wants them. Check out what teams are still left!

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