Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Series Two Trade Bait

When Big Papi was Medium-Sized Papi.

I guess I don't have a lot to say about Series Two, so I thought I'd just throw up some scans of some of the more interesting cards that I don't need. I have a Cardinals want list, a Topps Heritage want list, a Bowman Heritage want list and an Allen & Ginter want list along with some other miscellany whose links aren't mobile browser friendly (I need to work on this.)

I picked up a 3-pack blister that contained a bonus Target exclusive Babe Ruth insert as well as a Target blaster box. It'd be nice to get ahold of the Yadi and Pujols medallion cards one of these days, but I'm not holding my breath.

More of the same from Series One, although I feel like the blaster/single pack versions look a little different than last series. Weren't they reddish before?

I don't like it when more than half of the card is taken up by something other than the player and there's nothing really distinctive about it.

Okay. I see what they did there.

Two pictures of deGrom and his floppy hair.

I have no idea who he is, but gold parallels have been relatively scarce in recent years despite virtually no change in print run. Seems fishy. According to the back of his card, Herrera bounced around the Dodgers system for more than a decade.


I don't see the appeal in this guy. Not only that, I really dislike this insert set. Of course, I'll take all the Hamm I can get.

Mo was good. Really good.

I want to scream at whoever designed this. What were they thinking?

Finally, here's a foily parallel of Marco Scutaro, a remnant of the Giants 2012 World Series run who got a card in Series Two for no reason whatsoever. He had 11 ABs last year and has no more baseball in his future.


  1. I have a series 1 Matt Carpenter Medallion - wanna trade for the David Ortiz? I will add more Cardinals to the stack...

    My blog: http://subjectiveandarbitrary.blogspot.com/
    My e-mail: brian.d.oneal at gmail dot com

  2. I don't get Hart's appeal either. But the throwback he is wearing appeals to me, and I just happen to have an extra Hamm to send to you.

  3. As a Brewer fan, I'd prefer not to see any Elian Herrera on the field for the team. Basically, he was a waiver claim who fills the "AAA to MLB shuttle" role and whom they don't care if they lose him off waivers when they do send him down or DFA him as needed. But, if you're looking to get rid of that card, I'd be interested...

    Also, there was a contestant in the Miss Venezuela pageant named Elian Herrera...might be worth a Google search...

  4. I'd love the chance to trade for the two Ruth's that show him solo, the Gordon and Alvarez First Homerun cards, and the Jeter/Gehrig insert. I will check your lists and send you an email with some set needs that I can send you.

  5. I have two Hamms and I have added one to the ever-increasingly large pile of stuff I have for you.

  6. If Nolan and Cal aren't claimed, I'll swap you for 'em.

  7. More Hamm!

    I have all of the cards set aside for those who asked for them.

  8. Hey. I still have the Allen Craig Topps series 2 career best bat piece for you if you want it. I also pulled a 2015 Bowman Steven Farinaro autograph. Want it?
    me? my blog is http://hardballcollecting.blogspot.com/
    I have not done any updates in ages. but the wantlist is up to date. If you have comparable Tigers or MSU Spartans, it may do also :)



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