Sunday, July 5, 2015

All Numbered

These sports cards from Thorzul all have one thing in common.

This spring, Thorzul held a group break that consisted of the contents of a big all-serial-numbered multi-sports lot he purchased. Being both a sucker for grab bags, random chance and things that are serial numbered, I opted in and claimed my favorite teams. I even came away with two additions to my player collections.

Ozzie didn't spend his entire career with the Cardinals, of course, but he did retire a Cardinal and spent more than a decade and a half with the team. I guess that counts as Forever? I have really liked a lot of the Fleer Greats cards I've seen over the years, which makes me wish it was something that could be revived at some point.

Albert Pujols is back to doing Pujols things these days, which mainly involves crushing a lot of home runs. His power numbers are on par with some of the seasons he put up in St. Louis right now as we're more or less at the midway point in the season.

It's a rough time to be a Blazers fan right now, so here I can look back to brighter days with a couple of cards from former Blazer greats. With the team now in rebuild mode, there's a decent chance that the upcoming season will see Portland with their worst record since B-Roy's rookie season.

I've always been a huge Sheed fan. This card is very shiny, but the giant serial number detracts from the look far more than it adds anything.

There were a lot of Eagles cards to be had as well, but it was tough to find one to scan of a player I genuinely enjoyed watching. Brian Westbrook shared carries with Correll Buckhalter and Duce Staley over the years. I paid a lot more attention in the McNabb/Andy Reid era than I do now, but having Chip Kelly in charge does keep things more interesting than with most NFL teams these days.

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