Monday, July 6, 2015

Dollar Store Finds

Cards on a blog, words on a screen.

I rarely send out-of-the-country packages these days due to outrageous shipping costs, but I'll always make an exception for Sportscards From The Dollar Store. Did you know that the ubiquitous Dollar Tree just acquired another dollar store franchise, Family Dollar? You didn't? It's a dollar store-eat-dollar store world out there, my friends.

Another "10 Most Wanted" card has fallen now, and it's the famed Vince Coleman rookie card from 1985 Fleer Update. This card was practically untouchable when I was a kid, which basically means the greedy neighborhood coin dealer/opportunist had it rotating in his display case for something like $5, and five bucks was pretty much my week's allowance.

Do card shops still have rotating display cases?

My 2010-11 Donruss NBA binder finally found a few more friends. Panini used an early version of their cracked ice design on these retail-only versions of their Production Line inserts. I like 'em. It would be nice to finish off the base set soon, but I also plan on continuing to collect all sorts of inserts from this set, really the only NBA set I've found to be worthwhile.

It's Lil' Nate. They had to crop this photo pretty closely to make Robinson even slightly resemble a normal looking basketball player.

Finally, here's a very... I don't know... heavenly looking J-Stew rookie card? The former Duck great is still going strong after 7 years in the NFL.

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  1. Dollar Tree also runs Deals! which at one point was a dollar store, but now it has up to $10 items. I never found cards at the one I went to (it has since closed), but I did get some binders there pretty cheap.


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