Monday, July 13, 2015

The Moyer Has Landed

A major shake-up in the 10 Most Wanted list.

I started this blog more than 7 years ago, and my second post led off with an image of the 1991 Bowman Jamie Moyer card. It was a tiny, grainy image I swiped from the internet, back when finding images of a particular baseball card could actually be rather difficult. Thanks to @ChrisWNation on Twitter, I finally managed to get ahold of the card after all these years. This more or less completes the readily attainable portion of my Jamie Moyer collection (i.e. non-Tiffany edition.) There's probably one or two minor league releases I need to get from his brief time in the Cardinals organization, but that's about it.

Chris also sent me a garden variety 1993 Fleer common of Gerald Perry, the last base card I needed of this particular set and also a (former) Top 10 need. The bench bat Perry filled in quite a few times during the disastrous year where Andres Galarraga sent an imposter to wear a Cardinals uniform with his name on the back, sucking the life out of the middle of the batting order. (He would hit .370 the following season and get MVP votes, because of course.)

I would never have guessed that I needed this curvy Matt Holliday Bowman Chrome card, but I definitely did. This is Holliday #255 in my collection. He trails only Ozzie Smith and Jimmy Edmonds for most unique cards in my player collections. (No, I haven't counted my Pujols cards. Shh.)

Finally, Chris was also kind enough to send over some cards from Erin's PCs, including this Larry Walker Sports Illustrated card from the prime of his career. Nice!


  1. You have 255 Hollidays and I have 249 Hollidays (mine are all Rockies). You having 6 more Hollidays than me reminds me of my childhood jealousy of the extra days the Jewish kid in my class was allowed to miss.

  2. Now someone needs to find me one of those Moyers. Congrats on the long awaited card!


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