Monday, July 27, 2015

Getting Spring Cleaning In Order

A trade post on a late Mon... wait, Tulo got traded?!

Angels fan Tom from "The Angels, In Order" is among the latest to send over some stuff in exchange for his participation in my Spring Cleaning event. We actually completed this swap a couple of months ago, but such is life when you're in perpetual catch-up mode.

This is a Pinnacle Inside card, which means this card was in a can. The card was in a can, man! That's wild.

As a youth, I remember the Boardwalk and Baseball set that Topps put out being something of a luxury item for whatever reason. I'm fairly sure that these go for pocket change in today's market, like most oddball '80s stuff. Maybe I had the name confused with the prized Monopoly property?

Tom hit up some of my Bowman Heritage wants, which is always appreciated. I'm still working on a solution for getting my want lists linked up in the mobile view of this blog. If only I knew someone who worked with computers all day and was smart about these things. (Time to punch myself in the face now...)

I have no idea who Richie Robnett is, but he apparently topped out at the AAA level in the 2009 season. I just appreciate a baseball card framed in a TV set design.

Oh yeah, and Tulo got traded. Wow.

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