Monday, August 3, 2015

Good Things, Small Packages, etc.

Keeping the envelope industry alive since 2008.

I couldn't resist as I found myself on the purchasing end of another card for my collection on Listia. This time, it was a Turkey Red Edmonds relic that I have had a hard time tracking down. My usual go-to for single cards, if I'm in the mood, is COMC who hasn't had this listed for awhile. Edmonds didn't actually have a base card in this set, from his final year in St. Louis, so it's also kind of an unusual one.

Some other folks that I actually have interacted with sent me cards in plain white envelopes recently, and I thought I'd take the time to cover them here. The Lost Collector sent me two more Edmonds cards to bring my unique total up to 486 now. Hopefully, I will remember to commemorate #500. I'd never seen either of these cards before, and they're both cheezily awesome.

At first, all you see is Big Mac...

There it is! This is the quintessential early '00s MLB credo right here. Just grip it and rip it, guys.

From deep in the heart of Cardinal Country came this insert from 2015 Topps, courtesy of Chris N. McGwire's recent re-entry into the Topps-o-sphere makes this an interesting pairing, with one man's tainted legacy (and somewhat lacking Hall of Fame stats) put along side the pristine Stan the Man. I don't think anyone at Topps thinks about these too hard.

Finally, good ol' P00PSH00TER, a frequent contest participant, sent along a pair of 1970 cards that were in pretty nice shape for this sort of thing. I don't think I've heard of Hilgendorf, who seems like he was just caught doing something awful here.

Dal Maxvill I know, but I'm mostly familiar with his time residing in the front office during some pretty lean years. Back then, we were all excited about Felix Jose. He was the GM when the team won two pennants in the '80s, but sometimes it's the bad stuff that sticks out.


  1. I need to find one of those "Greatest Hits" inserts.

  2. Hilgendorf was known to 9-year-old me as one of those 50-year-olds who they let play major league baseball.


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