Monday, August 31, 2015

Redirected Cards

Seeing red, just not the right red.

Sometimes the wrong team slips in. I've run into this quite a few times over the years, with the odd Cincinnati card or stray National mixed in with my usually allotment of Cardinals. Sometimes, whole chunks of mysterious cards end up in your hands. When it happened to One Man's Junk (Wax), a collector of the red team with a halo (and not the devil horned team that everyone hates these days), Jeff was kind enough to bounce those Cardinals along to someone who would appreciate them more.

Included in the loot was a healthy stack of 1975 SSPC cards, always a nice surprise. My scanner must truly hate cards from the '70s, though, because once again it decided to chop off another border. Oh well, the scanner lid has been closed and the machine has been powered down. What's done is done.

Here's Jason Heyward, apparently Photoshopped into a Nationals uniform for some reason. Let's hope this isn't a preview of next year, because as expensive as he's going to be I've enjoyed watching Heyward play. (The rise of Randal Grichuk, pre-injury, and Stephen Piscotty may give the Cardinals pause come this offseason.)

Jeff also knocked off some Heritage needs from this year's set. I'm pretty sure this was his own doing.

Finally, here's a 2013 Topps Heritage Jason Motte jersey. I've always enjoyed the completely made-up Heritage Clubhouse Collection designs for whatever reason. Motte joined up with the small bears this season and has closed out some games. I hate to see him pitching for the enemy, but I'm happy that he's been able to continue a career that was faltering for awhile.


Jeff Jones said...

Heyward's helmet is ultra shiny and that definitely isn't a Cards jersey.. so you don't think you guys are gonna keep him?

CaptKirk42 said...

Devil Horned team? Hmmm I hope that isn't a Nats Knock. Why all the hate? I thought everyone was laughing AT them.