Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Still At It

The cards keep accumulating.

Night Owl Cards has been around almost as long as this place has, and has certainly been more prolific in all aspects of the blog game. (Is there such thing as a blog game?) Countless numbers of padded envelopes have been exchanged, and back in May yet another one of these transactions occurred. The Card Blogger Class of '08 is still alive and well!

A couple of good friends of mine quit their jobs recently and are traveling around the country, seeing all the sights. I'm terribly jealous. I'm not sure if they'll make it to McWay Falls or not (I'd never actually heard of it and I'm a west coaster) but rest assured that they've already accumulated some great stories and photos to prove it.

Someone on TV suggested that Mike Trout might not be Captain Awesome and that there may be someone who is... shock of all shocks... better than The Golden God of Baseball this year. Blasphemy?

I wish that I had acquired this card sooner. She seemed like a very remarkable woman.

This is one of those weird "baseball cards on a classic basketball card design" that doesn't make sense in anyone's brain.

Finally, it's not entirely surprising that Night Owl had a duplicate Kershaw parallel that he didn't need. His excess is my... I don't know... gain? All I know is that I can't complain about adding Wainwright #210 to my collection!


  1. Love the basketball/baseball mash-ups. Topps needs to start doing that with '70s football designs on baseball cards -- although I wouldn't recommend any of the designs with footballs on them.

  2. Let's hope they never do baseball/hockey mashups. Those Colorado Rockies cards could get mighty confusing.

  3. here's to the class of '08! and, i wouldn't mind seeing some crossover between designs - the 1978 topps football set is somewhat boring, but would work well. just don't give me the 1988 hockey thumbtack design!

  4. Class of '08 drools. Class of '10 rules!
    Oh, and I'll probably have to dump some of my 2015 A&Gs on you at some point, won't I?

  5. I think I'm going to pick up a blaster or two of A&G this weekend and then start figuring out what I have and don't have. Sooooo... I'll once again likely be a good dumping ground for doubles.


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