Monday, January 11, 2016

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Ducks, Drexlers and Cardinals!

With the Blazers in rebuilding mode, the Cardinals relegated to second banana status in the Hot Stove League and the Ducks completely embarrassing themselves, it's been a rough past month or so for my sports teams. Fortunately. Dennis from Too Many Manninghams was up for spreading some holiday cheer around, sportscard style, as he was able to find some great stuff for many of my various collections.

My Clyde Drexler stash is pretty light on the Houston stuff, so I was happy to see the numbers boosted in that department.

It was bittersweet seeing Drexler winning a title in Houston after coming so tantalizingly close on multiple occasions in Portland, but once the Blazers committed to breaking up their core I couldn't blame Clyde for wanting out. This was vastly different from the Aldridge decision, where his exodus forced the Blazers to blow up the team. That, and I don't remember Drexler ever promising to be a Blazer for life.

Dennis sent me a bunch of great Ducks hits, but as usual I am going to save the best for a future game day post. Here is a brightly colored Hroniss Grasu, who the Ducks really could have used on the field in the Alamo Bowl. (Yeah, I know, one year too late.) Oregon's starting center got hurt early on, and the backup center came in and looked like it was the first time he'd ever held a football.

Onterrio Smith was one of the best transfers to ever play at Oregon, but he's basically the reason this Wikipedia entry exists.

I always like to go out on a high note, so here's a Sweet Spot Scott Rolen swatch. Nice!

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