Thursday, January 21, 2016


Contest winnings "and a few extras" render me speechless. Well, almost.

They always say "you can't play if you don't win". I feel like I don't win many things, but I also am probably guilty of just not even entering the prize pool more often than not. I even forgot to buy a Powerball ticket during all of the hysteria earlier this month. Fortunately, I did manage to enter Bob Walk the Plank's 600 Posts contest back in November, and I couldn't believe what I got in return... when I won!

It's a high end on card auto of Big City! I'm hoping Adams can put the injury unpleasantness behind him and seize control of the starting 1B job this season. Hey, it's 2016! I love being able to call it "this season".

Not one, but TWO Albert Pujols pieces of game used bits? This was certainly unexpected. I know that plenty of people are "over" the whole game used card thing due to fraud and market saturation, but I'm not! Since you can't see the number, I'll also mention that it's 52/75.

Here's a mysterious Scott Rolen numbered card from a 2005 Throwback Threads set. I think this is one of those deals where there's parallels of parallels on parallels, but I don't care. I like this.

If all that wasn't enough, check out this game used card from an old-time Hall of Famer! This is fantastic.

And finally... a Pujols game used patch?! Are you kidding me? This is just too much! Who gets future HOFer patch cards in the mail?

Support your local Pirates blogger, folks! Or, at least, support Bob Walk the Plank.


  1. Glad you liked everything. Thanks for the kind words. The Slaughter and Rolen were packed pulled by me.

  2. Nice winnings! That Rolen is especially cool to me since it comes from my favorite super-vintage set. I didn't realize the design had ever been aped though; I'll have to track some of these down.

  3. That Rolen is out of the Polo Grounds insert set. I have one #ed /15 and I'm with you, I love it. One of my favorite insert/parallel cards.

  4. That's a great haul. Very cool patch of Pujols. Love the Enos too!


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