Thursday, January 14, 2016

Serious Snail Mail

It was worth the wait.

Yesterday, there was a plain white envelope waiting in my box from Canada that was anything but plain. It was also postmarked November 30th, which I found a bit odd. I know international shipping can take some extra time, but this was pretty ridiculous! The envelope in question was sent by Mets/Jays/Raptors/hockey fan buckstorecards, and I have to tell you that it was pretty great. There were a few cards for the Cardinals binders and some neat stuff from the other sports.

Two cards of former Eagles QBs were included, including this Chrome-style Panini Select Nick Foles. (Why do they have this set and Prizm? This looks better.) Foles seemed like he was going to be a franchise quarterback, but then all kinds of madness transpired and Foles went on to disappoint Rams fans instead. It was an awful year to be a Rams fan, unless you're that one guy who will go to their games next year somewhere in Los Angeles. The other ex-Eagles QB included in the bunch just simply cannot be mentioned here.

I usually save my Ducks cards for gameday posts, but I was pretty excited to share a CFL card for once in my life. Jeremiah Johnson is a number of years removed from his college career, but it's nice to see him getting work in the pros one way or another.

Here's the card that blew me away. Lillard cards cost a pretty penny in this area, and this is such a nice one. It has sort of a vinyl canvas surface to it, similar to the mid-'00s Diamond Kings baseball sets. I could certainly do with more Dame cards in envelopes in my mailbox, even if it takes a month or two to arrive!

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  1. Not sure which side of the border's post office gets blamed, but I'm glad they finally arrived!


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