Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Twitch Batch

An overstuffed pile of quality cardboard.

As I inch ever so close to being caught up on sorting through incoming cards once again, I received a generous pile of cards from Twitch (aka Lonestarr) and thought I'd show off a few.

We're all hoping for big things from the Tsunami in 2016 as he continues to recover from a late season injury. This silver, numbered (021/199) mini parallel from 2015 Gypsy Queen is a great addition to the collection. (Well, I'm sure Cubs fans like Twitch aren't hoping for big things, but those guys don't count.)

I was a little surprised that I didn't already have this Chrome Refractor parallel in my Matt Holliday collection. It's not huge, but it's approaching 300 unique cards. Apparently, I don't even have the regular Chrome version of this card.

Lance Lynn's throwing motion looks really unnatural here, but it wouldn't be for another eight years that he'd blow out his elbow. We'll see you in 2017, Lance!

Kyle Lohse is here, on a green parallel Prizm card playing for no team in particular.

This is from the 2015 Panini Donruss set, and I assume it's either a parallel or insert of some sort. It does a decent job of aping the original 1981 Donruss design, though there are some unforgivable differences. I'll start with the team name (because they can't use "Cardinals"). They could have at least left-justified it, though.

Twitch must have opened a lot of Gypsy Queen last year, because he made a huge dent in my team set needs.

Ah, a Blazer sneaked in there! This is always welcome. It's Gary Trent, guys.

Thanks again to Twitch!

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  1. I bought no GQ when it first came out. Pretty much never do. I just found a bunch of discount hangar packs at Walmart towards the end of the year. I ended up getting 7 of the the 10, but I think all those Cardinals I sent were just from the first five. No other team was even close to the amount of Cardinals I pulled, and the other double digit teams were duplicate/triplicate heavy, and there were only one or two Cards dupes. I also only pulled two or three Cubs total. Painful in the moment, but I guess moments like that are a kinda important part of why the all of our blogs came to be in the first place.


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