Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A Most Wanted card arrives to complete a set, and more!

This poorly scanned Yogi Berra card that you see above was the final card I needed to complete the 2010 Topps Turkey Red inserts set, and I'm feeling very accomplished as a result. This is just a 150 card set, but it spans three separate releases and the only way to acquire them was in 2010 Topps flagship packs. I still have a lot of work to do on the 2009 set, but this is one I can finally put in the books. Big thanks to fellow Cardinal fan Cory of Hitting Random for making this happen.

Cory also sent a bunch of needs from my mammoth 2015 Topps Heritage want list. I'm getting there... slowly. I picked this card of new Cardinal (weird...) Mike Leake, the guy that "accidentally" thieved a bunch of shirts early in his MLB career. I guess I should stop mentioning that now that he's playing for the good guys. Here's hoping for his future success, at least as long as he's wearing the Birds on the Bat.

Cory also sent a bunch of (ex) Blazers my way. Will "The Thrill" (aka The People's Champ) Barton has been a huge factor off the bench with the Nuggets since he was traded a year ago. He was a Slam Dunk Contest participant this season.

Next up, here's a misspelled Jarrett Jack rookie card. Many thought the Blazers season would rival Jack's rookie season in terms of success (or lack thereof). The Blazers went 21-61 that season, and their new head coach (Nate McMillan) was on the cover of nearly all of their promotional material... never a good sign. This year's Terry Stotts-led squad eclipsed the 30-win mark tonight.

Nolan Smith is back at Duke as some sort of assistant coach now.

I feel like I don't have enough Scottie Pippen (as a Blazer) cards. He was never my favorite player, but I miss those teams that he played for.



  1. That Yogi has always been a personal favorite of mine.

  2. "This poorly scanned Yogi Berra card that you see above was the final card I needed to complete the 2010 Topps Turkey Red inserts set"

    I hate you. I'm still a dozen away. But congrats. My goal is to finish that this year, damn the wallet and the torpedoes.

  3. I don't see them mentioned a whole lot these days, but Turkey Red (both the complete sets and the later Topps inserts) made for some beautiful baseball cards. Congrats on completing it!

  4. I've still got a long ways to go on the 2009 insert set. And that's not to mention the 2005 and 2006 sets...

  5. Had completely forgotten that Pippen played for Portland.


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