Monday, February 29, 2016

Shots Fired

I'll never get organized at this rate.

Jaybarkerfan fired the opening salvo of what will go down in the annals of history as The Great Trade Wars of 2016. The always generous JBF got the #supertraders thing up and running. Here's just a few of the great Cards on cards that he sent my way.

Topps will never cease with the parallels, and I'm still needing quite a few of these horror glitter cards. Horror glitter... can we make that a thing? Maybe it's already a thing.

I really like the Fleer Greats sets of the '00s. It really makes the Upper Decking of Fleer all the more frustrating. All of this happened during a time I didn't really collect cards, but it's not like one mere card collector could have done anything to stop it.

Hmm, let's just put all of the league's logos on the same card and make it look like a computer program is selecting the right team. (I guess that's what they were going for here?)

Keith is just leaning into this card with a little bit of uncertainty in his eyes.

This one is going in the binders, of course, but I'm tempted to find a bunch of Mark McGwire stickers to stick on things all around my neighborhood. Could be fun and confusing!

One of my goals this year is to put some money that I would have normally spent on Topps flagship towards stuff like the older Bowman Heritage sets. I'll probably have to work my way backwards, but it'll be fun.

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  1. I really miss the "all retired players" sets, like the Fleer Greats.


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