Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mixed Feelings

I had a very different post planned for this evening. 

It was to begin with the astrocity you see above. I mean... why?! does?! this?! exist?!

This card was going to be featured, too. But I looked up and something amazing has happened. The Cardinals have a winning record all of a sudden. The Cardinals are only 2.5 games out of first place. Could this actually be happening?

Matheny is still the manager, isn't he?

Eh... more to come...


  1. The Pirates have shown some life the last couple of days as well. I don't think anyone is going to catch the Cubs, but it is nice to still be playing meaningful baseball. Plus if you can keep it within 3 games before you play a series against them anything can happen.

  2. Topps definitely didn't think it through when the stamped those Rediscover Topps onto 1999 Topps buybacks.


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