Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Chase for Base

Cards are disappearing from the shelves at a rapid rate. 

This year more than ever, it's been tough to put together my Cardinals team sets by the method with the most collecting satisfaction (if not the most economical): buying packs. Things are flying off the shelves for whatever reason, even with the hot rookies of the season coming back to earth. (Well, to be fair, one fell down a well and the other's production evened out before landing on the DL.) Even with my buying habits increasingly shifting towards online sites, I've had to reach out to fellow bloggers like Peter from Baseball Every Night to pick up those pesky little base cards.

To be fair, I'd never be caught dead in a supermarket line buying Topps BUNT packs, unless I had one of those freebie coupons (or the market was dimly lit and I was wearing a disguise.)

The recently deposed Cardinals closer Oh now has a chance to reclaim his spot, with Trevor Rosenthal likely out of action until 2019, or at least until we've all been reduced to radioactive dust. He hasn't really pitched like he's the answer to the team's bullpen woes, but then again, no one has. I'm guessing some minor league guy is going to be the only solution, though this time will be rather fortunate to even have a bullpen problem to solve a month from now.

It's only been two games, but it's good see Stephen "MoMo" Piscotty back in the lineup after spending some time on the farm. Also, I would definitely be caught dead buying Stadium Club packs, just as long as you don't peek at the receipt.

Yadi! Yadi! Yadi!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me out on my collecting needs in 2017. You can check out my Cardinals want lists for the current year (and last year) right here.


  1. I know I'll definitely be in the minority here... but I actually like the Topps Bunt design better than Stadium Club this year. The only reason I'd still buy Stadium Club over Bunt is for the amazing photography in the set.

  2. So glad that I could help fill in some needs. I felt awkward buying the Bunt pack for sure. But we're all given one discretion, right? Right? Um...

  3. Peter - I do have a few things in my latest online order that are going to be directed your way. Look for them some time next month.

    I've bought a lot of cards this summer that I'm not super proud of, I'm not gonna lie.


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